Vaporization Technology

Herbal Vaporizer Technology 

Wicked Roots Vaporizer incorporates a plethora of vaporization technologies into all our herbal vaporizers. We strive to maintain the strictest quality component selection when designing or manufacturing vaporizers. Below is various links to our technologies incorporated into our vaporizers. Click on the Herbal Vaporizer Technology in which you would like more information about on the right side Navigation.

  • Vapor Logic - Dynamic Vaporization Technology for temperature control
  • Glass Sapphire - Borosilicate Glass brazed on Ceramic Technology
  • Vapor Whip - Borosilicate Glass Inhalation Whip
  • Vapor Seal - Separated Electronics from inhalation heating chamber
  • Vapo Bearing - Technology to provide longer ball bearing life for fan
  • Magnetic Levitation - Fans suspended in a Magnetic Field to reduce friction and noise