What is Vapezilla Vaporizer?

Vapezilla Glass Vaporizer  

The New Vapezilla Vaporizer is designed for herbal vaporization connoisseurs seeking the pinnacle in digital vaporization technology. No expenses are sacrificed in this elegant design. The Super Vapezilla Vaporizer rivals all other digital vaporizers on the market in potency and flavor. Reproduction of flavor is consistent, allowing botanists to tailor nutrient formulations to enhance flavor attributes in aromatherapy herbs.


The Vapezilla Vaporizer is used to replace tobacco smoking. This Vapezilla is based on latest vaporization technologies available to date. Results of recent Vaporizer study do show substantial reductions in particulate matter and in carbon monoxide when vaporizing vs conventional smoking methods. Wicked Roots created Vapezilla to be a replacement for these conventional methods of smoking tobacco. Although FDA has yet to approve vaporization technology, recent vaporization studies show the reduction of risks associated with smoking. The difference between the Vapezilla and Super Vapezilla is method ofl temperature control. Vapezilla is adjustable via manual knob while its partner Super Vapezilla consist of a digital read out with digital temperature control.