Vaporizer Manuals

Phedor Vaporizer 

Cautions Before Use:

  1. Ignite lighter away from face and clothing.
  2. Be sure lighter is completely unplugged after use.
  3. Never use near water or with wet hands.
  4. Do not keep unit on for prolonged periods without use.
  5. Do not touch ceramic heating element at any time during use or while not in use.
  6. Do not apply excessive pressure on the heating element.
  7. Do not turn on and off repeatedly as it will cause the heating element to overload.
  8. When using the tip to ignite tobaccos, never put excessive pressure on the heating element (inward inside the chassis). Always approach tobacco parallel (in simple terms, touch the tobacco from the side of the heating element).

Instructions on use:

Turning on Phedor Hybrid Vaporizer
  1. Plug in power cord to unit, then to the power receptacle at the wall (120 Volt only).
  2. Wait 30 seconds for warm up.
       (after warmed up DO NOT TOUCH any part of the heating element.)
Parallel Touching

Parallel Hovering Over

  1. Touch the glowing tip parallel with tobacco.
  2. When not in use, user could opt to unplug unit at the base or wall. If user decides to unplug at the base, make sure the power cord is not near water, pets, or children. The power cord is still live and will cause electric shock if immersed near water or if water is spilled over it.
  3. The Phedor is self cleaning and requires no maintenance.
  4. After unit is unplugged, it takes 5 minutes to cool down. During this time,
DO NOT TOUCH Heating Element!DO NOT Use VerticallyDO NOT Use Near Fire or Heat SourceDO NOT Use in Water


  1. When using hookah water pipes, choose the one with the smallest air volume to achieve a sharper nasal burn of flavor.
  2. If you are the few who notice the difference between a lighter and the Phedor Hybrid Vaporizer within the first day of use, you are most likely a connoisseur.
  3. If you need to clean the heating element, use a napkin and slightly wipe off the ash off the tip.
  4. Only use the glowing portion of ceramic to keep Phedor clean.