What is Phedor Vaporizer?

Phedor Vaporizor Vaporizer  

The Phedor Vaporizor Vaporizer is used to replace the functions of a butane lighter. The device is to be used in conjunction with an aromatherapy flavor delivery device such as a aromatherapy hookah waterpipe. Phedor Vaporizor eliminates the butane gas toxins and flavor by replacing that with a fully embedded solid one piece electric ceramic heating element. We than tested different tempertaures and arrived at a preset setting, which is set at the factory to achieve a better taste and stronger therapeutic sensation. Used directly on aromatherapy tobacco or above to simulate a vaporization experience. This technique is adopted by many hookah bars worldwide.


Phedor Hybrid Vaporizer is a flameless & non butane solution ensuring a healthier alternative to using toxic lighters or flame source. Wicked Roots has been creating high-end prducts for the tobacco vaporization connoisseur. Awarded best in it's class and product of the year in 2004 & 2005, World wide distribution making Wicked Roots products a trusted name internationally.