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Vaporizers by Phedor Tobacco Vaporizer 

Phedor Tobacco Vaporizer Company is the industry standard in hot air tobacco vapor extraction from flavored tobacco. Our years of experience in tobacco vaporization and technical expertise make our Vapezilla Vaporizers the most sought after vapor extraction devices in the world! With a sophisticated understanding of vaporization technologies , our engineering staff guarantee that we have the technologies capable of extracting the purest vapors from tobacco. Phedor Vaporizer Company truly thrives on competition and on achieving the purest vapor extraction from aromatherapy tobacco.

Vaporizer Forums 

The new Vaporizer Forum will debut later this year. Our goal is to have a space where those interested in Vaporization Technology and Techniques, can learn from our knowledgable staff of Vaporization Experts. You will also be able to research documents from various studies done by private organizations on the reasons why to vaporize instead of smoking tobacco. We will be the first aromatherapy tobacco vaporizer manufacturer ever, to be offering this level of support for our products. No other manufacturer of tobacco vaporizers stand behind their product in such a way.

Support for Tobacco Vaporizers  

The Phedor comes with a lifetime warranty on labor and support. Our products can be repaired if there are any problems. Simply purchase the broken part in our online store, and send the unit back to us. We will not charge any labor on repairing the units for the lifetime of your vaporizer. No other manufacturer offers this type of vaporizer support.